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Hiroki Takeuchi is Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies of Political Science at Southern Methodist University (SMU), and Director of the Sun & Star Program on Japan and East Asia in the SMU Tower Center for Public Policy and International Affairs.  He received his Ph.D. of Political Science from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), his M.A. of Asian Studies from University of California at Berkeley, and his B.A. of Economics from Keio University in Japan.  Previously, he taught at UCLA as a faculty fellow of the Political Science Department and at Stanford University as a postdoctoral teaching fellow of the Public Policy Program. 

Dr. Takeuchi's research and teaching interests include Chinese and Japanese politics, comparative authoritarian politics, and international relations and political economy of East Asia, as well as applying game theory to political science.  

He is the author of Tax Reform in Rural China: Revenue, Resistance, and Authoritarian Rule (Cambridge University Press, 2014).